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At WestWind Homes, we understand that you want a new, customizable production home that perfectly fits your family. To do this, you need an expert builder whom you can trust. The problem is that many new homes aren’t built well. Builders often take shortcuts and leave you to deal with problems later down the road, which is frustrating. We believe you deserve the best in quality, service, and workmanship. At WestWind, we care. With over 30 years of experience building award-winning, energy-efficient homes in Laredo and across the Rio Grande Valley, our team is dedicated to giving you the high-quality home you’ve always dreamed of, all within your budget. We go above and beyond by providing a price lock guarantee so you can avoid the stress and feel confident that you're making the right choice.

    Corporate Culture

    • Statement Of Faith - A home is built with memories of family... and Sundays are for Family.

      At WestWind Homes, we believe Sundays should be reserved for family time and worship. To honor this belief, we have adopted a policy of closing on Sundays to allow our associates and customers to spend quality time with their loved ones. We appreciate your choosing us and we look forward to serving you during our regular office hours.
    • Our Mission - We create value-packed homes and provide exceptional customer service to fulfill families' dreams of homeownership./li>
    • Our Vision - Our goal is to become one of the top 150 home builders in the US within five years. To achieve this, we plan to construct 500 homes annually and generate $125 million in revenue.

      We aim to do this by providing mainstream American families with creative, high-value homes that will improve their lifestyle and strengthen local communities.
    • Our Leadership - Our team has decades of experience building award-winning homes and communities, providing a foundation of excellence for your home-building experience.

      Core Values

      • Servanthood - We strive to model a Godly Corporation by serving our customer's needs as exemplified by the True Servant, Jesus Christ.
      • Stewardship - We commit to stewarding the resources entrusted to us without exploiting their sources, producing a fair return for our investors, and returning a tithe to God for their use.
      • Excellence - We aim to provide excellent value and service by creatively solving complex production and distribution problems.
      • Integrity - We will seek to "optimize" rather than "maximize" profits by operating under biblical principles; taking into account customer loyalty, fair and just service, and the ability to positively impact our community.
      • Respect - We value racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity and respect the right of all employees to maintain a personal belief or faith while in turn respecting and adhering to the basic principles and policies that guide WestWind's culture.
      • Care - We will strive to demonstrate care for our dedicated employees by creating ownership for our workforce and investing in their personal, spiritual, and professional growth.

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