Energy Efficiency

WestWind Homes are Energy Efficient

Since 1993, WestWind Homes has been committed to crafting homes that are not only beautiful but also efficient in their use of energy. Our Energy Star Award-winning homes, situated in Laredo and the Rio Grande Valley, embody modernity and sustainability, ensuring that homeowners save on energy costs while enjoying the comforts of a well-built home.

    Advanced Air Cooling and Heating

    Quality is key in our HVAC systems, featuring meticulously sealed ducts with high-grade mastic and efficient Corning duct vents. The fine-tuned dampers within room vents bolster the system’s effectiveness, keeping your home cool in the sweltering summers and cozy during chilly winters—all while keeping your energy bills low.

      Robust Sealing System

      Experience the difference with WestWind Homes’ sealing techniques. Our use of Polycel on doors and windows, along with our metal duct elbows, not only minimizes air loss but also enhances the overall efficiency of your home, letting you enjoy a snug atmosphere without the energy waste.

        Innovative Ventilation System

        Our homes are equipped with an exceptional attic ventilation system. The continuous vented soffit paired with top-notch turbine vents promotes air circulation, effectively reducing the need for air conditioning. By venting kitchens and bathrooms directly outside, we minimize unwanted moisture and odors, thereby preserving your roof and ensuring a healthy living environment.

          Blower Door Testing for Ultimate Airtightness

          Each WestWind home undergoes rigorous testing for air tightness, thanks to independent blower door tests. This crucial step ensures that every nook and cranny is sealed to perfection, cutting down on energy consumption and protecting your home from moisture-related issues.

            HERS Rated for Guaranteed Efficiency

            Our homes don’t just meet the standard—they set it. An independent Certified Energy Rater evaluates every aspect of our houses, from insulation to appliances. Thanks to this thorough inspection and our stellar blower door test scores, our homes consistently achieve a 5-star HERS rating, placing us at the forefront of energy-efficient construction.

              Energy Star Certified: Savings Beyond the Sale

              An Energy Star-certified home from WestWind isn’t just a purchase; it’s an investment in your future. Backed by the EPA, these homes guarantee significant savings on utilities, making the dream of affordable, sustainable homeownership a reality.

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