If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you’re interested in buying a house. Perhaps you’re moving to Texas from out of state because of work or for retirement. Or maybe you’ve lived in Texas a while, but you’re ready for a nicer residence. When the topic of new homes in Edinburg comes up, often people don’t realize how affordable and accessible they can be.

New homes in Edinburg offer a type of luxury and lifestyle that most people dream about, but don’t realize is within their reach. Let’s look at what makes this sunny border town one of the best places in Texas to buy a home.

Thriving Edinburg Economy

Edinburg’s economy has been growing faster than the national averages for several years in a row. The unemployment rate is shrinking as job growth outpaces the U.S. rate. In Edinburg, recent job growth is 2.1 percent compared to the U.S. average of 1.6 percent. Future job growth for the area is 41 percent, where the national average is only 33.5 percent. Employment opportunities abound in Edinburg, and that’s only going to become more true as time goes by.

Across the United States, the average is a 4.6 percent income tax. Texas doesn’t have an income tax, so residents keep more money in their own pockets.

People can’t even consider buying new homes in Edinburg if they don’t have work. For current residents, there are plenty of jobs, with local employers planning to add more in the years ahead. Some of the biggest employers are in educational services, health care and retail trade.

Low Cost of Living

Cost of living is how much you pay for the things you need to live. It includes housing, clothes, utilities, gas etc. Agencies use an index to compare what it costs to live in one location to what it costs to live in another.

If you live somewhere with a low cost of living, your paycheck goes farther. Because it costs less for your rent or mortgage, your electric bill, your groceries and other must-haves, you don’t need as much to make ends meet. In contrast, if you lived somewhere with a high cost of living you would need to pay more for the same type of housing, same energy consumption and same types of food. Kiplinger recently named nearby McAllen one of the cheapest places to live in the U.S.

That difference applies across the board. Everything from a gallon of milk to washing machine repair to shampoo costs less. That includes the cost of new homes in Edinburg.

You can see how our area compares using this calculator from Bankrate. For example, if you lived in Austin Tx and you made around $50,000 a year, then you moved to the McAllen/Edinburg area, your cost of living would be 18.44 percent lower. You would only need to make $40,781.25 to live the same way you had been living in Austin.

That difference is even more dramatic coming from other parts of the nation. We’re 45.93 percent lower than parts of Southern California and 65.57 percent lower than around New York City.

Edinburg’s Warm Winters

Sometimes people consider new homes in Edinburg because they’re tired of dealing with cold winters. Sperling’s Best Places tells us Edinburg averages 0 inches of snow every year, and has an average of 231 sunny days a year. In January, the winter low is 49 degrees.

August and July are hot, but you never have to worry about getting snowed in. People move to Edinburg to retire to enjoy the low cost of living, excellent healthcare and mild climate that allows them to spend time outdoors almost every day of the year.

Comprehensive Healthcare System

Many of the people looking at WestWind Homes have young families and older parents. Quality healthcare is vital for both groups. Edinburg has medical facilities for every need and stage of life, with two hospitals, one of which is a children’s hospital, two emergency rooms, behavioral health care centers and more. You’ll find these facilities near new homes in Edinburg:

  • Edinburg Children’s Hospital
  • Edinburg Regional Medical Center
  • South Texas Behavioral Health System
  • Edinburg Regional Rehab Center
  • Standalone Emergency Care Facilities
  • Doctor’s Hospital at Renaissance
  • The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) School of Medicine

Strong Educational Opportunities

Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District has top-rated public schools based on a wide range of measures that include academic performance and equity between socioeconomic groups. This year the district served 33,673 students in 44 schools, making it the 37th largest district in the state. Edinburg CISD pours resources into staff development, technology for students and encouraging college readiness. Five private schools and three colleges and universities also serve area students.

Affordable Housing

One of the biggest bills individuals pay every month is for housing. Whether you rent or make a mortgage payment, that amount represents a significant amount of your paycheck. But in our area, rent and the price of real estate is lower than it is in other parts of the country. From well-established neighborhoods to new homes in Edinburg, there are a lot of options to choose from.

If you search new homes for sale in Edinburg at the time this article is being written, Zillow has 52 new construction homes available. They range in price from $144,990 to $600,000, with the majority of homes around or under $200,000. That’s extremely unusual. In most parts of the country, you’ll find the majority of new home construction costs much more per square foot than it does here.

Why New Homes in Edinburg Are More Affordable

When everything you need to build a home costs less, builders don’t have to charge as much. They can buy quality materials for less and pay less for labor. That’s even more true for WestWind Homes.

Some builders complete a small handful of homes every year. They use subcontractors on a rotating basis depending on who is available. They get a small builder’s discount with local vendors on building supplies. Their subcontractors aren’t guaranteed a steady paycheck from them, so they charge more per job. Builders don’t have any choice but to pass that cost on to the buyer.

WestWind Homes builds hundreds of homes every year. We get materials for new homes in Edinburg in bulk from high-quality suppliers at the national level. Our crews stay busy, so we use the same workers and get the same reliable craftsmanship on every home we build.

The unexpected comes up, but it happens far less often because of the systems and processes we have in place. Situations that could become a budget disaster for many buyers are a small hiccup our experts quickly work around.

New Homes in Edinburg Available With Low Credit

For many individuals, the problem isn’t being able to make a monthly payment. It’s getting approved for a home loan. New homes in Edinburg are accessible because of WestWind Homes’ programs aimed at helping those people repair their credit, save a down payment and buy a home, often in as little as 90 days.

Types of New Homes in Edinburg

Every community WestWind Homes builds starts with an excellent location. Then we add neighborhood amenities that make life more enjoyable and build high-quality homes in a range of prices. Here are some of your choices when it comes to new homes in Edinburg.

Russell Park

Just off Highway 281 and Russell Road you’ll find Russell Park, a beautiful community located in the heart of Edinburg. As part of the Homestead Series, Russell Park has walking trails to the Boy’s and Girl’s Club, IDEA Public Schools and nearby sports grounds. Residents are also right next to Edinburg Municipal Park, Edinburg Scenic Wetlands, the H-E-B Park Soccer Stadium and more.

Homes start in the $160s. We have eight flex floorplans available you can customize to your taste and lifestyle. The San Pedro is the smallest in the community, but it’s still 1,930 total square feet with two bathrooms, three bedrooms and a two-car garage. Our largest floorplan, the San Lucas, has 2,996 total square feet, five bedrooms, two and a half baths and a two car garage. In between those two are five other options with varied square footage and layouts.

New Homes Near Edinburg

Just outside of Edinburg in North McAllen, WestWind homes has four more communities for buyers looking at new construction in the area.

Plantation Gap

This master-planned community is close to the best aspects of both McAllen and Edinburg. The community is full of opportunities for social and recreational activities for individuals and families. Meet your neighbors and walk your dog on the wide sidewalks throughout. Enjoy easy access to Expressway 83 and South Texas College. The community is also near McAllen Convention Center and McAllen Medical Center. Excellent schools Garza Elementary, Sharyland North Middle School and Sharyland Pioneer High School are just around the corner. Homes start in the $140s.

Westwood One

New home construction at this North McAllen community is near schools, parks and the booming Trenton Road shopping district. The Vintage Series community has fantastic neighborhood lighting so you can enjoy the outdoors well past dusk, a doggy park and restricted access. Homes start in the 160s, and there are only a few still available.

Hibiscus Hill

New homes at Hibiscus Hill have the same type of great location and community amenities as Westwood One. Our certified construction homes are absolutely stunning, and residents are near UTRGV, Edinburg Regional Medical Center and the shopping and dining off 107. See our most popular Hibiscus Hill floorplans here.

La Floresta

La Floresta is closest to Edinburg and has homes available from the $220’s. Many of the homes are 100 percent stucco, with the option for stone. The master-planned community is close to South Texas College, I-69 and US 83 and IDEA Quest Academy. They’re also some of the largest available WestWind Homes, with the Angelica floorplan offering 3,219 total square feet.

View New Homes in Edinburg

The best way to find a home you can fall in love with is to get out there and start looking. Our experts are ready to schedule a homes tour, send you brochures or talk about any help you need getting your credit ready to buy a home. Reach out online and we’ll help you get started.