When you buy a home, it’s about more than just getting a roof over your head. You’re buying somewhere to make memories, to keep your family safe, and to build long-term wealth. It’s deeply meaningful, and perhaps even more so when you buy new construction homes and make them your own. Residents buy new homes in Laredo because they offer so many benefits, and because WestWind Homes makes it easy to find a home that’s just right for you.

Laredo Unique Among Texas Border Towns

If you’ve ever been here, we don’t have to tell you how Laredo Tx is like nowhere else on earth. We’re on the border of Texas and Mexico, and we’re the largest inland port of the United States. That means we’re a hub for international trade.

Since 2010, job growth tied to oil and natural gas exploration and international trade has continued its steady climb. It’s expected to continue a 2.5 percent annual increase for the next three years according to a recent comprehensive housing market analysis.

One of the ways Laredo is unique among other border towns like Brownsville and El Paso is that in Laredo, housing sales and new construction permits have been climbing since 2011. Other border towns have seen significant dips when it comes to new construction. The Texas A&M University Real Estate Center’s most recent data shows Laredo’s single-family housing construction permits are near their long-term high. That’s because high wages continues to cause a need for more new homes in Laredo.

Who Buys New Homes in Laredo?

Some people think building a home or moving into new construction is so expensive it’s only accessible to the wealthy, or middle-aged professionals who have saved for a good portion of their lives. That isn’t the case.

New homes in Laredo are accessible to a much broader range because of a low cost of living, high wages and WestWind Homes’ bulk buying power.

For the most part, we see young families buying new homes in Laredo. Our area has a high concentration of people with children. The average adult age according to the latest census is 27.9 years in Laredo. Laredo has a very high average household size, and 35 percent of the total population is younger than 18.

Significantly more people own their home than rent in Laredo. An estimated 45,000 households own, in contrast with around 27,000 renting households. We build our new homes in Laredo around our hardworking area residents who want the best for their children.

Best Homes for Laredo Families

When you’re choosing the best place to raise a family, so many factors impact your decision. No matter what your income level, at some point there’s a cap, so your budget is often a starting point. After that, the best homes for raising families include must-haves like these:

  • Safe neighborhoods – When you got your first apartment, if you’re like most people you just lived where you could afford. Sometimes that meant neighbors were having a wild party into the morning hours and questionable-looking characters wandered through. That doesn’t work when you’re raising a family. You need a neighborhood where the residents are like you, looking out for community safety.
  • Good location – If you have to spend a large portion of your time on the road, that’s less time for your loved ones. Family life is simpler when you’re close to the basics. The best new homes in Laredo are close to schools, groceries, healthcare and job opportunities. A good location is the starting point for every single WestWind Homes community.
  • Community amenities – There’s plenty to do in and around Laredo, but it’s nice when you don’t have to leave the neighborhood to unwind. WestWind’s new homes in Laredo have community amenities like outdoor grilling areas, walking paths and more.
  • Affordable Options – Homeownership loses its appeal when you spend every minute wondering how you’ll make your mortgage payment. It’s better for your family if you get a realistic idea of what’s within your budget and find a home that fits.
  • High space utilization – How much square footage you need depends on how many people are in your family and how you’ll use the space. But a thoughtful layout that fits your lifestyle goes a long way to keeping you comfortable.

What Types of New Homes in Laredo are Available?

When buyers first start working with us, some already have a mental picture of what they want in new homes in Laredo they’re considering. Others are still weighing pros and cons of different new construction types. Let’s compare Single-family homes and townhomes.

Single-Family Homes

When most people picture their dream home, this is what they’re thinking of. It’s a standalone structure for one family to live in, typically with a yard around it. It can be anything from a tiny home to a mansion. Everything about the property is yours to do with as you please.

Usually, they have a larger plot and more square footage than other types of housing. You have the ability to modify your home and lot any way you choose, as long as you stay within local regulations and any applicable HOA guidelines. All that is usually a plus, except for people who don’t want to deal with yard work or exterior maintenance issues. Those people may be more interested in other types of new homes in Laredo.

WestWind Homes has new homes in Laredo communities like Green RanchLagos Del Valle and San Isidrio Puerta del Sol.

Laredo Townhomes

townhome offers many of the benefits of homeownership without as many maintenance requirements. Most of the time they’re two stories high and they share at least one wall with a second townhouse. Often owners still have some front and back yard, so there’s a safe and enjoyable place for kids to play and adults to entertain.

You get more space and privacy than you would in multi-unit housing, and you own it just like you would a single-family home. You have free reign when it comes to interior customization. Like single-family homes, townhomes appreciate as time goes by, so you build long-term wealth.

Pricing for new homes in Laredo varies widely by location. One great thing about townhomes is because of their smaller lots and vertical configuration, they are more affordable to build where land is at a premium. Altavista at Escondido townhomes are right next to Lake Casa Blanca State Park, Webb County Public Golf Course and Laredo Entertainment Arena. Hilltop Townhomes are within walking distance of North Laredo’s most popular shopping and dining.

Floorplans of WestWind Homes New Construction

We have a large number of floorplans for each community and almost endless ways each can be customized. We’ve found the best layouts for families have an open floorplan because it offers these benefits:

  • Every space feels larger – When the kitchen, dining and living room flow together, your eye takes in the entire space. It feels airy and relaxing.
  • Natural light flows throughout – Walls don’t obstruct sunlight. You save on your light bill, and your home feels more cheerful and alive.
  • More room for entertaining – When you have friends over, people don’t have to all cram into the living room while the cook is stuck in the kitchen. Instead, you have one large area where everyone can circulate.
  • Parental supervision is easier – You can start supper while one child does homework at the bar and another watches TV in the living room, without having to take your eyes off either one.

When you look at our new homes in Laredo, you’ll see each floorplan is unique, but they’re all designed to maximize the use of space.

Average Price for Laredo New Construction Homes

HUD estimates demand for new market-rate sales housing in different price points. A few years ago they forecast the biggest demand would be for homes between $130,000 and $199,000. They predicted another large segment would be looking for new homes in Laredo priced under $275,000.

At the time this article is being written, if you look on Zillow and filter for single-family and townhomes for sale in Laredo built in 2019, there are just over 100 homes available. They range from around $169,000 to well over $600,000, with the majority falling somewhere in between. Most are over the $200,000 range.

WestWind Homes offers new homes in Laredo priced from the $140s to the $230s and up. People ask how we’re able to offer new construction homes that cost less than what other area builders provide.

The difference is in our buying power. Some builders might complete one or two homes in a year. Even the ones who build dozens of homes can’t compare to the hundreds we build. When we buy building materials, we buy in bulk. That means every house we build is constructed with high-quality materials, but we didn’t have to pay as much for them. We pass that savings on to you.

Highest Appreciating Homes in Laredo

A home is an investment. You buy it for your enjoyment, but it’s also nice to know your property is gaining value. Neighborhood Scout says some areas of Laredo are gaining value faster than others. WestWind Homes communities are in the following high-value areas:

  • Off 69 West near the Rio Grande – Villas San Augustin
  • Off 59 near McPherson Rd – San Isidrio Puerta del Sol
  • Near Lake Casa Blanca State Park and Laredo International Airport – Altavista at Escondido
  • Near Zacatecas St and S. Ejido Avenue – Lomas Heights XIII
  • East of 20/Cuatro Vientos Blvd – Lagos Del Valle

When it comes to new homes in Laredo, we have the community amenities, floorplans, family-centered lifestyle and pricing you’re looking for. Why not schedule an appointment to start your home search today?