The journey to buy a home brings with it a whirlwind of emotion. You feel everything from excited to nervous to impatient. It feels like all your hopes and dreams, your future happiness and quite a bit of money all rest on one decision. If you’re looking for new homes in McAllen Tx, you’re part of an exclusive group. Not everyone has the credit or the income to qualify for the opportunity. Let’s talk about why you might choose new construction homes in McAllen over existing homes and where to find the best.

Benefits of Buying New Homes in McAllen Tx

Brand new construction costs more than homes built even five years ago. It’s a heady thought you could be the first owner, but buyers wonder if the new wears off. Shopping new construction homes in McAllen is about more than just bragging rights. When you get a brand new home, you receive some very real benefits.

Energy Efficiency

Builders have more options than ever when it comes to improving energy efficiency in new construction homes. At WestWind Homes, we believe we have a responsibility toward our buyers and to the planet to build homes to be as energy-efficient as possible. Our homes win awards for their energy savings because our energy-efficient package includes the following:

  • Air Cooling and Heating Systems – We install HVAC systems from the best manufacturers in the United States. We also seal ductwork with high-quality sealant to reduce air loss and maximize heating and cooling efficiency.
  • Sealing System – Our experts seal windows, doors and every other place air can seep in and out of your home so temperature controlled air stays in and the elements stay out.
  • Unique Ventilation Systems – We ventilate your attic to reduce temperatures and improve air circulation. Everything from your bathroom vent to your kitchen exhaust works to clean the air and improve energy efficiency.
  • Independent Ratings – We have homes inspected and certified by an independent Certified Energy Rater who inspects insulation, lighting, appliances, ceiling fans and your HVAC system.

Low Maintenance

Sure, you could probably spend less and buy a fixer-upper, but that’s not everyone’s thing. Most buyers are busy. You don’t want to spend your weekend fixing the plumbing or figuring out why your appliances don’t work. You also don’t want to go to the expense and trouble of buying a home, then find out you have to come up with another huge chunk of change to replace the roof or fix the foundation.

Plus, older homes sometimes can be bad for your health. They’re more likely to contain materials like asbestos, lead paint, mold and other issues.

Our new homes in McAllen Tx come with low maintenance requirements and costs. When you first move in, all the major components are under warranty. We follow the most up to date building codes and safety regulations and install products with a reputation for being trouble-free. Plus, if something does go wrong our customer care team is available for emergencies around the clock.

Modern Design

When you drive through neighborhoods, you can usually tell from the exterior in what decade they were built. When you go inside, the difference is even more dramatic. You often find low ceilings, poor lighting, small closets and impractical floorplans.

Our new homes in McAllen Tx provide the opposite. They’re built with today’s lifestyle in mind with open floorplans, inviting indoor and outdoor spaces and thoughtful storage. High ceilings make the ample space feel even bigger and carefully placed bathrooms and bedrooms keep every family member happy.

Community Amenities

WestWind Homes McAllen communities offer amenities you don’t typically find in existing neighborhoods. It’s an added bonus that’s hard to put a dollar value on. Our communities are all in great locations central to schools, jobs, entertainment and shopping. But when you’re home, there’s plenty to do within walking distance. We offer amenities like clubhouses, outdoor entertaining areas, walking trails and more.

Resale Value

Most people don’t buy new construction with the intention of moving any time soon. But new homes in Mcallen Tx offer the peace of mind that comes with knowing you made a solid investment. You don’t have to keep a big reserve for repairs for the first several years you own your home, and if you buy in a good location your home will appreciate. If you decide to sell, you could stand to make a significant profit.

Pros and Cons of Building

You’re interested in new homes in McAllen Tx, but should you build? It isn’t for everyone. Buyers are wise to weigh the pros and cons of building vs. buying a home that’s already complete.


  • Customization – You can get exactly what you want. When you look at completed homes, you might like the bedrooms but have to compromise on the kitchen layout, or the bathroom configuration might require you to live without that soaking tub. When you build, you’re only limited by your budget and imagination. Everything about your home can suit your taste and lifestyle.
  • Choices – You have a say in everything from wall color to electrical outlet placement.
  • You’re the first owner – No one has used your bathroom, slept in your bedroom or entertained in your back yard. You start completely fresh.
  • Updates – Codes and building regulations change all the time. If you buy a new construction home, you comply with current standards and have the latest technology.
  • Satisfaction – When you build your home, you develop an emotional connection to it. You may not have hammered in every nail, but you were there every step of the way. When you look around and see the completed project, you’ll feel intense pride when you see your choices come together.


  • Location limitations – For example, if you want to walk your child to school every day and you are committed to one elementary campus, you might not be able to find a lot or new construction home within an acceptable radius.
  • Timing – It takes an average of seven months to build a home from start to finish. If you buy an existing home, you can move in as soon as your lender and seller are ready.
  • Pricing – Often you have some bargaining room when you buy an existing home. With new construction, the cost is based on materials and labor, so there’s less flexibility. Upgrades cost more. Plus, you might not anticipate some post-move costs like window treatments and landscaping.
  • Stress – Even the events you choose can bring with them an enormous amount of stress. To build a home, you’ll need to make literally hundreds of decisions, often very rapidly. Things can and do go wrong. When they do, they impact your budget. Plus, if you’re buying with someone else, your tastes and wishes won’t always be the same. Relationship conflict is common.

For some people, building a home is a positive and exhilarating experience. Others prefer to avoid the headaches that come with it. But if you don’t want to go through the process, there’s another option that still gets you in a brand new McAllen home.

Building vs. Move-In Ready

What if you’re interested in new homes in McAllen Tx, but you don’t want to deal with the hassle of building? You can still get energy efficiency, low maintenance, modern design, community amenities and a lot of the other perks of new construction when you buy one of our move-in ready homes.

A move-in ready home is just what it sounds like. We built it from the ground up with the high-quality materials and craftsmanship that comes standard. We installed the latest technology and decorated in designer trends. We have high ceilings, ample storage space, spacious layouts and luxurious interiors.

But there’s no scheduling contractors or waiting on weather delays. You don’t have to source materials or worry which direction your bathroom door should open. You just look at our many move-in ready homes and pick the one you fall in love with.

Plus, because the home is already complete, the price is fixed. You won’t face unexpected expenses like buyers almost always do during construction.

You also avoid the unexpected at every stage of construction. When you build from start to finish, you have to visualize the end result, and what you see in your mind isn’t always how things turn out. With a move-in ready home, you can see exactly what you’re getting.

Save Time and Money

Which choice most appeals to you? Do you think it’s worth the uncertainty and longer time frame to have complete control over your new construction? Or do you want to move into your new home as soon as possible and know everything you can expect?

Either way, WestWind Homes is the choice that saves you time, money and headache. No matter which route you go, our homes cost less because we have so much buying power. We get everything from shingles to tile in bulk with huge discounts from the manufacturer, and we pass that savings on to you. Our homes also take less time to build, because we use seasoned professionals who know our processes.

We even make the process less stressful because we’ve been through it time and time again. We can offer advice based on experience and connect you with resources that make everything easier. Get started finding the best new homes in McAllen Tx when you contact us today.