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Getting Your Ducks In A Row: How To Purchase Or Build A New Home

January 8, 2021

Property ownership has been part of the American dream since day one. To be able to be the king (or queen) of your castle and not answer to anyone in terms of looks or function can be truly liberating if you have previously been a renter or lived on other people’s terms. Once you are able to look at a new home for sale and say “I’d like to buy that” then you know you’ve come into your own.

Looking at new homes for sale is one thing, but then actually gearing up to purchase and move is another. Many people look at the home buying process as intimidating, but it need not be. They are some things that you need to be cautious of for sure, but there are lots of people who buy homes each year in the USA and other countries who end up being fine. In fact, 31 million people in the United States move each year, which means that some portion of those people have to eventually either buy homes or find alternative living situations.

In this brief article we’ll go over what you should know about the home buying process, and what you’ll need when considering a new home for sale. Whether you’re going through a real estate agent or buying from a private owner matters little, as at the end of the day you’ll have acquired property for yourself to live and dream in. With a little creativity and know-how, anyone can own their own home and do so in style. When you have a strategy and plan ahead, your dreams of home ownership really can come true in big ways.


If you already know what property you’d like to buy, then you truly are in luck. The hardest part of the home buying process is finding a new home for sale that you actually want to live in a consider purchasing. Once that’s out of the way, now you just have to determine whether you’d like to purchase it from the private owner or go through a real estate agent, assuming you have a choice. Many times you don’t, and so this decision might also be made for you when you decide on a house you like.

When you have the option, you may want to use a lawyer to help you buy from the private seller outright. There is nothing unusual about this, and you will save a percentage of the cost of the house from going to fees that a real estate agent otherwise might take. If you’re unfamiliar with the process is why you’ll want a lawyer present to make sure everything goes smoothly. The benefit of using a lawyer is that usually lawyers are paid by the hour instead of by project.

Utilizing a real estate agent is also a good choice, especially if this is your first home purchase. While the real estate agent will take a portion of the selling fee for their services, they will also take care of the logistical framework that comes with acquiring a new property. If they aren’t providing the quality of service that you’d like, it’s OK to remind them that they are technically working for you and not the other way around.


Since most people don’t have the cash outright to purchase a new home, this means they must utilize credit from banks or credit unions in order to finance their property acquisition. When looking at that new home for sale, make sure to keep your credit score and finances in your mind’s eye.

Since your credit score will determine the interest rate you get on your mortgage, it’s best to try and make sure that your credit score and overall creditworthiness are the most appealing before you apply for a housing loan. If you take care of this, you will have mostly smooth sailing on getting the best rates and a favorable loan package so that you can move into your new house in style and financial comfort.

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